GUA SHA MASSAGER (Park Jeong Duck Beau Jeobsi)

JEOBSI MASSAGE, which started in 1988, started as a tool massage using a round porcelain dish in the early days, and after long research, is a unique Korean massage technique using the face and curves of a massage dish suitable for the human skeleton. Based on the scientific theory that correct posture creates healthy skin and a balanced body shape, we study the changes in facial shape according to body shape, emphasize the balance of the body, and promote Korea's balanced beauty abroad.

The research process of the human body, which is composed of 206 bones and 650 muscles, is used to manage problematic skin using the Park Jeong-deok View Dish, as well as promote body and blood circulation health management through a balanced and beautiful body shape (Balance).

Park Jeong deok View Dish has reached today with certifications in various fields of customers who have a beautiful body and healthy skin.